Code #TwinningInComfort

We’re all at home, yet we are working hard.
We all feel alone, but connected at heart.
We all share the burning desire to Keep Rising.
Even as the times, they are changing!

#TwinningInComfort symbolizes Harmony, Unity and Positivity.
Tough times get your family together.
Twinning is winning!


Literal meaning of "Twinning" is pairing of the words "Twin" and "Winning". When two people have the same brilliant thought or mindset at the same time, they say- "We're twinning! “.

As we stand together and stay safe, twin in with your partner, your kid, your parents or just anyone you are at home with. Get dressed up for some celebration at home or just to play a board game with the family. Pair in by wearing similar clothes or accessories and share your twinning moments with us using #RiseFromHome and tag @BlackberrysMenswear on Facebook and Instagram or @BlackberrysMens on Twitter.

We will post your smiles on our Blackberrys page and a few lucky ones will win exciting gift vouchers. Keep twinning and Keep Rising together!