Don’t limit your denims to Sunday outings or at home. Take a break from your usual formal trousers and instead dress up your jeans for a business casual look at your workplace.


Opt for Darker Hues

While styling denims for work it’s better to choose a dark-wash as it gives the illusion of a more formal and polished look, as compared to light-wash denims that straight-up look like jeans. Colors like black, indigo and dark grays are some perfect picks.


Add a Formal Shirt

The best way to take your outfit from 0 to 100 - or in this case, from casual to smart workwear - is to add a crisp formal shirt that will make you look more prim and proper. Looking stylish in a pair of denims is just as easy as throwing on a lighter colour shirt in blue, pink or even white shades to make your ensemble sharp and business casual.


Suit Up

Jazz up your look for a formal meeting by adding a blazer on top of your denims and a crisp shirt. A blazer or a suit jacket will instantly put the whole look together for a smart formal feel, at the same time keeping you relaxed in your jeans.


Choose Complementing Accessories

An accessory as simple as a belt can make all the difference from taking your denims from casual to formal. Opt for a belt in the tones of brown, tan or grey to compliment your dark wash denims. 
To take it up a notch, adding a pair of formal shoes in a similar color as your belt can elevate your whole look in an instant. The matching color palette of the shoes and belt levitate the outfit with a neat and stylish touch.


The Right Fit

Last but not the least, choosing a well-fitted pair of jeans can make all the difference. A saggy, loose-fitting or flared pair of pants will automatically make you look improper at work. Invest in some smart, good quality, tailor-made jeans that you can dress up at work with a shirt and dress down for a casual occasion with a polo.