The struggle is real when it comes to dressing for that "in between" zone. You want to look put together but ditch the suit-and-tie formality. Try the casual blazer – your must have wardrobe staple for effortless weekend style or that Friday night out.

Blackberrys, a well known name in men's fashion, is here to show you how to rock a casual blazer like a pro. Our collection is as diverse as your personality. Unleash your inner style icon!

Finding Your Perfect Fit

Choosing the right fit matters the most. Forget the boxy old look – a casual blazer should flatter your frame. Go for a well tailored silhouette that hugs your shoulders without being constricting. The sleeves should end just where your shirt cuff peeks out. The length should fall comfortably at the hip.

Blazer Fabrics for Every Occasion

Blackberrys comes with a range of fabrics that cater to every season and vibe. Our range of blazers features fabrics tailored to every season and vibe. Check out our collection if you want to rock a casual blazer look.

For warmer months, seersucker or linen blazers add a touch of summery sophistication. In cooler weather, go for a classic cotton or a textured wool blend. It will revamp your look.

Want to be a little bit adventurous? Try a patterned blazer in a subtle check or a bold paisley for a statement piece.

Layering for a Proper Look

The beauty of a casual blazer lies in its versatility. You can effortlessly transition from day to night with this ensemble. Knowing how to layer is the key to unlocking its full potential. Here's how to layer it like a champ:

Casual Lavender Textured Blazer - Ken

A crisp white tee paired with a dark blazer is a classic combination. Add a pop of color with a brightly colored tee or rock it with a printed one.

Formal Beige Textured Blazer - Bennett

Ditch the tie and keep things casual with a button down shirt. Leave the top button undone for a relaxed vibe, or roll up the sleeves for a summer ready look.

Formal Black Solid Blazer - Jenkin

A knitted sweater under your blazer adds warmth and texture. Play with contrasting colors or patterns for a unique touch.

Linen Casual Beige Stripe Blazer - Moses

Dark denim jeans or chino pants are the perfect partners for a casual blazer. Add a touch of formality with chinos or level up your weekend look with tailored linen pants.

The casual blazer is a flexible garment that seamlessly shifts from daytime to evening. Layer it effectively to fully unleash its versatility.

Accessorizing Is a Must

Accessorizing takes your casual blazer outfit from good to great. A statement pocket square or a sleek leather watch adds a touch of personality. For a laid back look, pair your blazer with a pair of classic white sneakers or even boat shoes. Want to dress it up like a pro? Go for derby shoes or loafers.

Blazer Bonus Tips


Leave the bottom button undone for a relaxed silhouette.

Experiment with different lapel styles (notch, peak, or shawl) to find what suits your body type.

While navy and grey remain classics, explore options like beige, olive green, or burgundy.

Just as accessorizing can elevate a casual blazer outfit from good to great, paying attention to the finer aspects of your wardrobe can transform your look completely.

Shop Your Casual Blazer at Blackberrys

At Blackberrys, we empower men to express themselves through fashion. Our collection of casual blazers takes you from work drinks to an effortless weekend brunch style. Browse our online collection today and pick your favorite blazer!