They are timeless. They are versatile, an ultimate symbol of a polished road. We’re talking about Oxford shoes, gentlemen – a footwear that has been a staple of men’s fashion for centuries. Beyond their undeniable appeal and rich history, there is much more to learn about these shoes.

Leather Black Solid Oxford Shoes - Reed

At Blackberrys, we empower you to step out in style. Let’s learn more about Oxford!

A Walk Through History

The origin tale of the Oxford shoe is as striking as its distinct shape. Although the precise timeline is a topic of debate, it is widely accepted that they first appeared in the 19th century, drawing inspiration from the footwear donned at Oxford University. The initial "Oxonians" were ankle boots which evolved into the sleek, lace up shoes that are familiar today.

Beyond Black and White

Must Haves Leather Tan Textured Oxford Shoes - Lewis

Oxford used to be associated only with black or brown leather, but times have changed. Blackberrys offer a range of products to suit every personality. Here are some examples:

Must Haves Leather Tan Textured Oxford Shoes - Kiwi

A timeless choice, the cap toe features a distinct horizontal seam across the toe area. Perfect for work or formal occasions.

Must Haves Leather Burgandy Solid Oxford Shoes - Lebum

Enjoy a touch of texture with broguing, a decorative pattern featuring perforations and wingtip detailing.

Events: Where Oxfords Shine

Oxfords are the ultimate chameleons, adapting to various events. Here's how you can rock them:

Must Haves Leather Black Textured Oxford Shoes - Kiwi

A well polished cap toe Oxford in black or brown leather paired with a sharp formal suit exudes an air of confidence and professionalism.

Leather Black Solid Oxford Shoes - Reed

Add to your night time appearance with a couple of glossy Oxfords. They upload a touch of class to denim or chinos and button down formal shirts.

Must Haves Leather Tan Textured Oxford Shoes - Lewis

As a groom or groomsman, stand out with a pair of Oxfords in a unique color like burgundy or tan.

A List Inspiration

From Hollywood royalty to fashion models, celebrities absolutely love Oxford’s versatility. But closer to home, Bollywood stars are also big fans of this versatile shoe. Think ever glamorous Ranbir Kapoor, in a sharp suit paired with a pair of classic oxfords. Shahid Kapoor makes it effortlessly stylish by rocking a brogue with a blazer and chinos. Ranveer Singh also loves to wear a statement suit and a pair of patterned oxfords – pure Bollywood swagger, indeed!

Beyond the Basics

The beauty of Oxford lies in its ability to be dressed up or down. Here are some extra tips:

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Choose socks that complement your trousers and shoes. For formal occasions, go for dress socks in solid colors that match your trousers. For a stylish look, patterned socks can add some personality.

Leather Brown Textured Belt - Tyeson

Make sure your belt color compliments your shoes. Black belts work best with black shoes, while brown belts go well with brown or tan Oxfords.

  • Shoe Care is Self Care

Invest in good quality shoe care products to keep your Oxfords looking their best.

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