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Some people keep pushing their boundaries, going above and beyond in everything they do. For the ones who are always on the go, we have 37.5 Technology. Our thermoregulation technology uses your body’s energy to keep your cool when you’re hot, and keep you warm when you’re cold, so that you are stylish, comfortable and always ready to show the way .

37.5 Technology triggers o  of humidity. Humidity is the gauge for whether you are hot or cold. When you’re hot, active particles embedded into the material use your body’s energy to remove moisture and cool you down. When you’re cold, the active particles use your body’s energy to help keep you warm.

A 37.5 active particle at a microscopic level.

37.5 active particles permanently embedded into a single fiber

37.5® Technology Traps Odours

When you want to take your music and then releases them when washed and dried

37.5® Technology Controls Sweat

in the vapour stage before liquid sweat forms

37.5® Technology’s Active particles

uses your body’s energy to remove moisture and cools you down as well as keeps you warm

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