Imagine a winter evening wrapped in the warmth of your coziest bed, a steaming cup of beverage in hand, and your favourite series on the television screen. Winter isn't just a season, it's an opportunity to celebrate life and spend quality time with loved ones during festivals and get-togethers. And let's not forget the perfect excuse it gives us to shop for our amazing sweaters!


Winter wear for men always brings up a lot of questions in terms of what to wear, whether we should layer or not etc. There’s always a tussle happening within where a part of you wants trendy jackets and the other pushes you towards comfort.


Well, here are some tips on how you can ace the skill of layering clothes:

 Layering is the art of wearing two or more clothes one on top of the other in a way that they create a structure and look as put together.


  • Always ensure that your top layer is a thicker fabric like a bomber jacket and the base layer is lighter and feather-like. This gives you warmth and the freedom to remove it if it gets warmer during the day.


  • Plan your clothing as individual items in case there is a need to remove any layer, the others should continue to give the same vibe and should look put together and not just randomly placed pieces of cloth.
  • Avoid overlaying to an extent where the physical movement becomes uncomfortable. At times we end up wearing multiple layers of the same size which leads to a situation that it is uncomfortable to carry.


  • Avoid wearing a loose shirt or a t-shirt expecting that it shall still work since you have a jacket over, well it might make you look bulky as well in case the jacket or a hoodie is a body-fitting one. 
          Now that the essentials of a winter wardrobe are covered, let's move on to formal and casual winter wear for men.


    For formal clothing, wear a formal shirt or a basic t-shirt as a base layer and then move to the mid layer with a turtleneck, pullover seaters, etc based on your comfort. Always opt for a mid-layer only when you experience a need for the same. The final layer can be with your Blazer or a jacket. This ensures that your look is professional, sharp, and comfortable at work.


    When it comes to casual looks, you have several options to choose from. You can layer a t-shirt with a puffy jacket or trendy bomber jacket or even a pullover sweater with denim jeans. Any of these combinations will make you look put together and yet keep you quite comfortable. Here's an additional tip for you. When layering puffy jackets, always choose a well-fitted shirt or t-shirt as a base layer. This will give a good structure to your body and prevent you from looking bulky in a puffy jacket.


    Winter wear for men need not always be boring, you can add colours, and patterns to give a personal touch to your look. It doesn’t have to be limited to plain blue jeans, a black blazer, and a white shirt. You can add some silent colours like grey, blue, and brown, and hop onto new trends such as bomber jackets for a fresh look this winter season.

    To put all of this together, here are some must-haves as a part of your wardrobe essentials.

    1. T-shirts or shirts to be used as a base layer.


    1. Some bomber jackets and puffy jackets add a personality touch and can be used as mid-layer.


    1. A good quality Blackberry jacket to complete your professional look. It can also be worn for a Friday look at the office with a pair of denims.


    1. A few denim jeans and shirts for a comfortable and fashionable look.



    1. Some socks, and caps for extra comfort if the temperatures are low.


    Let’s move on to the next important aspect of winter, the fabric of the jackets to focus on this season:

     Well, you might be wondering what the importance of fabric in winter clothing is. This is indeed the game changer. The fabric and its quality shall determine the comfort of your skin and its resistance against wind.

    1. Cotton:


    Cotton is the most used fabric in the clothing industry because of its versatility and affordability. Cotton clothing has a cooling effect because of the fabric and is generally used as a base layer for hoodies, t-shirts, and shirts.


    1. Denim:

    Denim is a frequently used fabric in winter clothing as a part of your jeans, and denim shirts. It gives you much-needed comfort, is easy to carry, and gives a sense of fashion.

    1. Wool:


    Undoubtedly wool is the warmest fabric to opt for in winter. They are feather-light, easy to carry, and give much-needed warmth. It is always recommended to use it as a top layer only because multiple layers with wool shall give an overheating to the body.


    Now that all the wardrobe must-haves are catered to, this winter is no longer going to be boring with the same old outfits You no longer have to compromise comfort over fashion. With Blackberrys, you can fashionably have the best of both the worlds.