You must have come across men wearing well-constructed Shirts, the fit is perfect, and the collar is firm and upright, which amplifies confidence in these gentlemen.Do you wish to own that confidence? If yes, check out the Blackberrys India Slim Fit Shirt collection, which is meticulously designed to get you the perfect fitting shirt!

 After extensive research Blackberrys has designed the India Slim Fit shirt which is incredibly adaptable and skillfully made to fit Indian men. These key enhancements and design innovations bring out the confidence and style in your appearance.

Here are a few key aspects of India Slim Fit you should know about:

Most shirts are not so well constructed when it comes to placket. They are not able to avoid gaping. Gaping is the opening between the placket that exposes you around your front torso. This becomes more prominent and visibly odd when you are sitting in a relaxed Position. Even an expensive shirt will not make you look sharp with a Gaping placket. Imagine yourself sitting in an important meeting and your placket just won’t stay in the right position creating big loops between your buttons. The problem is more common with Casual shirts as most casual shirts have thinner plackets which make your center front area appear wavey and clumsy.

Blackberrys have made the most critical enhancement when it comes to shirt fitting by carefully designing the Extended Placket. The overlap is calibrated for different shirt sizes to conceal any gaping and tested with mobility to give full concealment while sitting and relaxing. Both formal and casual shirts are constructed with the same design methodology giving your placket a beautiful straight line giving your front profile a clean and crisp appearance. Our shirt will set you to stand out from the crowd.

(Placket: The section of the shirt where your buttons and buttonholes are set across a vertical line beginning at the collar.)

A lot of men have experienced restricted mobility when dressed up be it the need to tie shoes or stretch arms to grab anything. While you may believe it is due to a tight-fitting shirt, the true reason behind this is the design of the armhole. The majority of shirt armholes are not created keeping mobility in mind. If the armhole is too big, it will end up bunching and creating creases across your chest and armhole area and if it is too tight it will make you uncomfortable. Even the perfect size armhole, if not created properly will not provide a neat look around the arms and chest and will limit your movement making you uneasy.

Our designers have reworked on this aspect to solve it once and for all. One of the key structural innovations of ISF shirts is the armhole pattern with an upright armhole. The enhancement has done wonders and has given excellent mobility for general-purpose activities while you are dressed up. The armhole also takes care of fitting and appearance around the chest and arms eliminating creases and giving you a very clean and sharp look. Another significant change you will notice is an immediate improvement in your standing posture; the armhole design ensures an upright stance, making you appear more confident. The sleeve circumference and length are well calibrated to make the sleeve fit perfectly.

Sloppy and limping collars will diminish your charm and personality. Your collars are crucial in giving you an uptight and crisp appearance. A shirt collar is a key to a sharp and structured appearance.

The ISF shirts are the finest fitting shirts with the best-designed high stance collar. Collar directly impacts the frame of your face. A well-done collar will always bring that sharp and confident look on your face. A well-defined neckline seam brings your upper body structure in symmetry to give you an impeccable looking version of yourself. High stance collars are designed to be short around the placket, which maintains your placket near the collar in a firm upright position making your shoulder and chest line appear clean and firm.

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