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“Reality shows are Inspiring”

I love my brand: It makes pieces of clothing that make you “love yourself”!
My job is great: It’s diverse, complex, keeps you on your toes and I manage to have a lot of fun while doing it.
The turning point in my career: Shifting to consumer marketing after spending seven years in industrial marketing. Both are about understanding consumer psyche. However the scale and enormity is what sets them apart. Industrial marketing is about understanding a smaller set of “consumers” (hence lower in scale) but leaves little room for errors. In consumer product marketing, it is about finding groups of ‘homogenous’ attitudes in line with the positioning. If the initial premise is not largely off mark you get time to add ‘elements’ to influence a larger group.
Most inspirational moment: Seeing people from nondescript villages make an impression on reality shows on TV. There is so much talent, energy, passion, spirit and most importantly, hope.
In my free time: I like to drive out to the countryside with great music in the background. Brands I wear: Blackberrys always.
Average number of job offers I get in a year: None that I listen to. I love what I am doing now.
- As told to Rohit Nautiyal